12th Subcircuit Map


created by Hanlon for Judge, updated December 23, 2015.

To determine if you live in the 12th Judicial Subcircuit, zoom into your address or click “View larger map” from the top right menu of the map, then enter your address in the search field. (You may need to zoom out to see the Subcurcuit borders.)

DISCLAIMER: This map is intended for informational purposes only. HFJ makes no representations of the accuracy of this information.



Contacting the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners

To confirm your voter information with the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners:

Step 1. Visit www.chicagoelections.com and click “Your Voter Information” in the left menu
Step 2. Enter your last name and address information
Step 3. Click your name when it appears
Step 4. In the “Voter Status / Polling Place” menu, check the District Information section

Your Judicial Subcircuit will be the fourth item.